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Teamwelder – your reliable partner for high-quality welding machines in industrial grade design and for ambitious tradesmen. We offer you a complete power source portfolio for your needs. Made in the EU, our welding machines offer you high-grade quality and the latest technology at the best available price. Experience the new welding sensation of a professional machine for your application – you won't ever want to use any other welding machine. Needs-oriented operating elements, high duty cycle and extensive accessories ensure that your welding result is perfect. It turns welding into a fun experience.

To choose a suitable welding machine might seem easy only by presuming that you have some experience. If you are not exactly a professional, then our small chart and few small examples might be quite helpful to you.


11 (MMA) of welding by COVERED ELECTRODE


135/136 (MIG/MAG) welding by melting electrode in a protective atmosphere



141 (TIG/WIG) welding by non-melting electrode in a protective atmosphere


Weld quality

excellent – depends on welder quality


Outstanding – highly dependent on the welder quality

Suitability for automation

Not suitable

suitable even with simple devices

suitable – more demanding for technical development

Suitability for work in terrain

the most suitable, high mobility by inverter sources

less to slightly suitable, restricted mobility – with exception of mobile inverter sources

suitable for work in terrain but with certain conditions


Suitable for thickness of material

approx. from 2 mm

approx. from 1 mm

approx. from 0.75 mm

Most common usage

low series production, work in terrain, maintenance, special work – welding on

common and even big-series production, special work

exact production, special work (Fe, CrNi, Al, Cu, Ti)



  1. ''
    If you would like to repair – to weld a common steal, fence piles for example,, or construction or to weld in hinges of a gate, then the most suitable for you is to use a MMA welding source, in the welding world we talk about 111 method, in other words the welding machine on COVERED ELECTRODE. It is possible to use this method even in difficult weather conditions, because by welding the electrode cover melts which protects the molten – welded metal against the air oxygen and as a bonus, such a machine is usually small, light and mobile.
  2. ''
    If you would like to weld piping, steel or stainless steel, then the better option is to choose TIG (WIG), in the world of welding we speak about the 141 method, in other words, a welding machine where we have a protecting gas running through the middle of a burner (usually Argon) and we usually add the additional material with the second hand. It is possible to say that it is similar to torch welding where the heat source is electrical arc. It is possible to weld outdoors, but we must make sure that the possible wind will not blow away the protective gas from the welded metal. In such a case, a so-called welding tent is built around the welding area.
  3. ''
    For repeated and often even automatic production of welded constructions and those similar, the most suitable method is MIG/MAG, called a 135 method (or 136, depending on the wire type) by technicians. This is commonly called CO. This is a method where a wire comes out automatically through the burner, which also happens to be an electrode and additional material, and subsequently is protected by flowing gas.

As outlined above, it is really a very rough division of the particular methods because the welding machines producers constantly develop their sources, as well as the producers of additional materials, and just to make it a little bit more complicated for you, for case 1 it is possible to use a 135 method (MAG) inverter by using the so-called pipe wire, where there can be a basic filling in the wire which serves as a protection of welded metal instead of the protective gas while welding a wire.

However, if you are not sure how to make the right choice for a welding method and also a welding source, then we recommend to contact our consulting center:

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